Nyt partnerskab med ITX ApS

RealDream har valgt at indgå partnerskab med en af landets førende virksomheder indenfor Skole IT – ITX ApS i Tilst ved Aarhus. ITX hjælper allerede RealDream med teknisk understøttelse af… Continue Reading

IT-based teaching and learning

Real Dream is all about 3D-design and 3D-printers – a small Danish company providing schools with knowledge and hardware. We heelp schools to choose technology and we provide them with Makerbot 3D-printers.
Based on academic and social goals, plan and we handle didactic and technical courses, learning workshop, teaching, and trainee programs.We ensure that technologies are introduced and put into use as an everyday tool, and an opportunity for teachers and students to increase learning.
  • we create motivating learning pathways and creates responsibility for their own learning in each student.
  • we develop and implement policy changes and shows the potential of IT-based teaching.

  • we advise and execute didactic and technical courses for teachers, educators and students.

    In 2015, there has been strong focus on 3D design and 3D printing, and we are seeing increasing demand for learning pathways, so we have developed a number of Plug-and-Play modules for Municipalities.

    We work with the leading manufacturers of both hardware and software, develops materials and puts together technologies that increase the possibility of the new possibilities come into play and supports professional development.